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The Highest Critic : Interview with David Silverstone of Silver Dragon Cannabis

I had the honor of meeting David Silverstone of Silver Dragon Cannabis at Emerald Cup Harvest Ball in 2022. Mike from Nurturing Seed introduced us.

I have since gotten to try some of his Blue Quartz, and have also seen Silver Dragon Cannabis go to market with a whole cola product to celebrate the plant in its most natural form.

This written interview with David Silverstone goes into the history, practices, and philosophy of Silver Dragon Cannabis as well as David’s own.

Without further ado, leggo

Where are y’all based out of?

Tomki area of Mendocino, County.

How did y’all come up with your name?

I had a dream few days before finding this property in which a dragon crossed my path on a road driving in the county. then when i saw this land it was apparent this land was shaped like a dragon. Many sites are dragon shaped in the world as described by feng shui and they carry great energy and potential.

When did you start using cannabis?

I started using cannabis at the age of 6. My neighbor and friend had hippie parents who kept it in the house easily accessible to their son who shared it with me while visiting.

How did you learn how to grow?

I learned to grow plants starting with roses and bonsai, however my mother and grandmother were gardeners who produced vegetables and fruits and “put them up” to preserve the harvests. Later, I studied permaculture and later worked on a cannabis farm in Mendo in 2004. I also learned mushroom cultivation from Paul Stamets around that time.

What are your favorite cultivars to smoke?

Fruity strains are my favorite tasting strains to smoke, however the effect of sour, lemon, and spicy herb is preferable than others to me.

What are your favorite cultivars to grow?

The strains I have been growing for the longest which were handed down to me and I have worked with for years become my favorites. such as Tomki Goo. However, I enjoy growing all strains.

Do y’all use clones?

Sometimes, I make clones from plants i grow from seed and sometimes i obtain clones of popular strains from nurseries.

Where do you usually get your seeds from?

I produce my own seed from seed plants I have been gifted over the years.

Do y’all do any of your own pheno hunting?

Every time I grow, I pheno hunt, it is my favorite part of each year

Do y’all do any of your own breeding?

Yes, I have been breeding strains for over 15 years.

When there’s something new, how do y’all come up with a name? Whether it’s a new cultivar, cut, tech, or anything.

Based on the names of the parents combined with the effects and terpenes and flavonoid profiles.

Describe what makes y’all’s grow different?

I believe the energy of the grower and the land creates a subtle internal effect the herb has on a person. So in that sense, every grower’s herb is different based on the life experience the plant and the grower have.

Tell us as much as you’d like about your light setup

I only use lights to keep plants in veg and I use LEDs.

Tell us as much as you’d like about your soil/medium

I have multiple garden sites of different ages but the process of working the soil beds is basically the same for the most part and the older the bed or hole, the more complex the web of life becomes in the soil. Like a fine wine, earth when properly worked with, becomes better and better year after year.

Tell us as much as you’d like about your nutrients/amendments

JADAM, Organics, and Compost/Manure

Tell us as much as you’d like about your IPM methods

Generally not needed. Only when there is an imbalance in the conditions plants are grown in are they required.

Tell us as much as you’d like about your flushing process

I stop applying anything other than water for the last 4-6 weeks of the process.

What percentage of canopy is reserved for RnD?


Tell us as much as you’d like about your drying process

I built a humidor in the woods in which I maintain the temperature and humidity year round. It’s highly insulated to make that work more efficiently and stably. I dry the flowers whole on the stem with most leaves intact for between 14-21 days.

Tell us as much as you’d like about your curing process

After drying, I move it to more densely arranged environs such as cardboard boxes or plastic bins or bags for another 14-21 days during which time it is “burped” to let moisture and oxygen refresh.

Which labs have you found pleasant to work with?

SC labs is my favorite with great people and reputation.

Tell us as much as you’d like about your trimming process

I only remove those leaf parts with no crystal. The rest is good medicine.

What is your packaging philosophy?

I believe in putting in a little extra.

What do you do to try and ensure that your product isn’t ruined by intermediate parties before it gets to the end user?

I control all aspects of production post production and packaging.

Do y’all make any extracts with the product? Tell us about that.

Generally not, only kief from the leaf that is trimmed off the flowers.

What would you say sets apart your brand from others?

Service to and love of the plant.

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