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Image by Esteban López


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Award No. 1

Goo Jack is an award winning hybrid bred and cultivated by David Silverstone of Silver Dragon Farms. It was first created in 2018 from a cross between the prior year’s Tomki Goo and older phenotypes of Grass Valley Afgoo and Jack Herer. The Afgoo, native to Grass Valley, had been bred there since the 90s and remains an elusive and exotic specimen of cannabis genetics. The Jack Herer pollen that was used in the cross stems back to 2005 – a time when these classic cultivars were genetically pure and possessed their original terpenes.

Goo Jack is sun grown in organic living soil, following the ancient “Full term, Full Sun” method. Following a 70 day flowering period, it is slowly cured and perfectly manicured. Goo Jack is a dense bud, lighter green in color, with shiny crystals and long orange hairs. It is easy to grind up and the sticky surface makes it easy to roll up. Goo Jack has a rich terpene profile, being pleasantly sweet with a hint of pine mint and blackberries. When inhaled, it carries a spicy taste, with a note of burnt oranges and caramel. It is smooth, pleasant and good for any time of day.

As for its well-balanced effects, Goo Jack could provide a stimulating experience as well as a relaxing one. Depending on one’s mood as well as individual biology, tolerance, dose, and time of day, this strain could provide calming, mind clearing experience as well as stimulation without anxiety or racing thoughts. It could serve the function of analgesic, relieve digestive problems, reduce stress, and boost focus and alertness, particularly with heavier consumption. The effects are also commonly accompanied by a general sense of happiness.


Award No. 2

Golden Dragon grown by SilverDragon farms. It is a indica sativa hybrid, a phenotype of the Legendary Local Heirloom varietal Tomki Goo, bred by the Carlsen, Casey, Wilder, David, Morninglight, and Silverstone families from 1980-Present. Lab tests of this particular cup winning phenotype showed 19.1 percent THC, high Myrcene .895%, .147% Caryophyllene, also rich in Ocimene, as well as pinene, linalool, humulene, nerolidol and phytol. Many phenotypes of Tomki Goo have contained THC in the 20+% range.

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